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Week Beginning 22 June

week 3 film

A short message to describe the week's activities.

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English - 

Watch The Sound Collector Poem being read aloud (link).  Think about how he pauses at the end of each line.

Practice reading a poem of your choice. Can you use your voice to make the question and response sound different? Then, read the poem to your grown up.

Maths - recording data

Complete sheet below - 'Tally Charts'

20 minutes independent reading

Spanish - revising numbers. Online activity

Then, sheet attached below

Science - how are shadows formed

Maths - data tables

Complete the sheet below - data tables

English - chose and perform a poem

Record yourself (using your IT skills that you were practising last week) and play it back - what improvements could you make?

Timestable Rockstars Grammar - identify errors in writing Shadow Art
Wednesday English - 

Thinking about our own poem – based on a picture of nature.

The sound collector focused on what he could hear.  What other senses can we use to help us with our description?

Use the planning sheet to add your ideas and vocabulary.

Maths - reading pictograms - sheet 20 minutes independent reading Science - body parts and senses Science - body parts and senses
Thursday Maths - constructing pictograms - sheet English - 

Writing your poem.  Use your planning sheet. Make sure you say each line out loud before you write it. Make sure you re-read your poem. Is there anything you would like to change?

Timestable Rockstars RE - Where do Jews Worship IT - how to use the internet safely
Friday English - 

Re-read your poem one more time.  Are you happy you have capital letters where they need to be?  Do you want to up-level any words to make them more adventurous?  Have you checked your spellings?

Write up your poem in your best handwriting and send in to school.

Maths - problem solving

20 minutes independent reading Geography - Lets Explore Rio de Janerio Geography - Lets Explore Rio de Janerio