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Week Beginning 27 April

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Please find below a timetable of activities for this week.


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Each week you can access our 'Weekly Picture News' by clicking on the link below.  This offers news stories and some things you may wish to discuss at home.




  Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4
Wednesday Joe Wicks


Activity 1

Read your poem aloud.

Are there any parts that you 

could change or improve?

Activity 2

Practise your spellings

from your planner.

Choose the next 6 words and

write them in a sentence. 



Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3 


Build model dragon

Thursday Joe Wicks


Activity 1

Write up a neat copy of

your poem.

Activity 2

Add a picture of your dragon.




Activity 1

Complete building model dragon

Send in a picture of your model dragon

Friday Joe Wicks


Activity 1

Perform your poem to your 





Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 1

Activity 2

20 minutes independent reading 


Work for the week:




Monday - choose the type of poem you would like to write.

Will it be rhyming? A shape poem? Acrostic? Funny?

Write down as many words as you can that you might be able to use in you poem. If you plan a rhyming one, can you put in a few rhyming words? If you're planning a funny poem - how will you make it funny - will it be the appearance of the dragon or something it does?

Tuesday - have a go at writing your poem. Don't worry about it being perfect first time - you can always change bits later on. 

Try drawing a picture of your dragon - it might help. Think about the work you did last week - does your dragon have a special power? Are there any bit from last weeks poems that you could 'magpie'?

Wednesday - read your poem out loud. Are there any parts that you could change? Improve?

Thursday - Write up a neat copy of your poem.

Friday - Perform your poem to your family. 


Design and technology challenge

Create a model dragon. 

Use anything that you have at home (lego, 'junk', plasticine etc) to create a model dragon. 

If you're feeling very adventurous - could it have a part that move e.g. could the wings move or the mouth open?


I can't wait to see what you manage to achieve by the end of the week. Please ask grown-ups to take some pictures and send them in.


I have also put on links to some websites that are great for maths and other areas of the curriculum.


Take care everyone.


Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans