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Week Beginning 29 June

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Please find below a timetable of activities for this week. I have been really pleased with some of the writing that you have sent this week. Please could you all send me work on Friday to look at. The maths over the next five days focuses on time and position this week. The English continues to look at the short film 'Wing it' from The Literacy Shed website and I would like you to produce an explanation text on Sherman's flying machine. It would also be lovely to see pictures of the other work that you complete and if you would like it to be posted on the website, please make sure that an adult gives permission for this. Finally, I have included work from other curriculum areas for you to complete.


Click on the green writing for each link to take you to the relevant website.


Remember - if you wish to complete other activities, there are many more resources on the main class web page for 2AM. Please scroll all the way to the bottom so you don't miss any recently added resources.


Healthy Minds have provided strategies on keeping your emotional health and well-being in check.

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Faith at Home video. This week’s Faith at Home episode explores the theme of COURAGE – with prayers, reflections, activities and fun from student leaders in Exeter, Bristol and York


  Activity 1

Activity 2


Activity 3


Activity 4


Monday Joe Wicks

Corbett video and sheets.

Time Problems.


on fire drills. 


Famous Brits comprehension.

See documents below.

Tuesday Joe Wicks

Corbett video and sheets.


Grammar lesson

on parenthesis.

There are 3 sheets. Please

complete all of them.


Earthquake Proof-Buildings

Look at the video and use the sheet below to

design an earthquake-proof building.

Wednesday Joe Wicks

Corbett video and sheets.


Planning an

explanation text.


Giving your opinion about your town or city.

Thursday Joe Wicks

Corbett video and sheets.

Reflection - White Rose.

Drafting an

explanation text.

STEM Challenge

Please click here to watch our instructional video

and click here to see written instructions which

explain how to make your aqueduct.

Friday Joe Wicks

Geometry Review.

Edit and improve

your explanation text.


Henri Matisse and Collage.