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Week Beginning 29 June

Week Beginning 290620

A short introduction to the week.

Mrs Evans

Hello 1EL

  Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4

English - Listen to the sounds on the link and write down all of the things that you can hear.

English - watch the short film up to the times you are told on the sheet.

Answer the comprehension questions on the Comprehension Day 1 sheet. 

Maths - bar charts

Maths with the Chuckle Brothers

Bar Charts - Day 1 sheet


Timetables Rockstars


Spanish - animals

Art - make a repeating pattern
Tuesday Maths - Bar Charts - Day 2 sheet English - complete the comprehension Day 2 sheet. Make sure you follow the instructions on the sheet. 

Read independently for 10 minutes then, 



History - who was Florence Nightingale?
Wednesday English - Watch the clip about similes and metaphors. Write a detailed description of the setting. Remember to write in full sentences with appropriate punctuation. Include a simile and try to use adjectival and adverbial phrases.  Maths - Bar Charts - Football Challenge Timetables Rockstars Geography - cities, towns and villages

Maths - multiplication and division facts

Sheet 1

English - Where would your bubble take you? Draw a picture of where you would like to go to. Then, write a detailed description of that setting underneath.  Read independently for 20 minutes RE - What is the Torah?

English - grammar

In the speech bubbles - write what the character might say at each point in the story. 

Maths - multiplication and division facts

Sheet 2

Timetables Rockstars Science - What are the planets in our solar system?


A link to the Eagle Knight Poetry Competition