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Week Beginning 9.11.20

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Subtraction Word Problems

English - 

Start to plan your own story based on 'The Snail and the Whale'

Choose a large and a small animal and plan an adventure that they could go on. Read through the examples before you start. 

DT - 

Draw a plan of the house that you would like to build. Think about which character it is for and what type of house it is. 

Tuesday Finding even and uneven numbers

English - 

Finish planning your story. Think carefully about the problem - what will happen to your large animal?

How will the smaller animal save them?

Geography - 

Use this website to find out about the continent of Africa. Write fact sentences about Africa. Can you add detail to the map? Draw on symbols for the pyramids and the Sahara Desert. Can you draw on the equator and the Nile River?


English - write the first 2 parts of your story. 

Check your sentences make sense. Try to join sentences using and, but, because.

Maths - even and uneven groups PHSE - what is bullying?
Thursday English - write the next 2 parts of your story. Maths - Times tables practise

RE - what are the main differences between Christianity and Islam?

BBC Bitesize

Research and complete the sheet

Friday English - write the rest of your story. Maths - multiplication - arrays DT - build the house that you designed