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Week begining 30th March 2020

Suggested Activities for Week 2 - starting 30th March 2020


For this week why not try reading an online book - Open Very Carefully - A Book With Bite.  You can find it free at the Book Trust.  (This site has other books to try too!)


Below are some English activities for you to try each day that are linked to the story.  You could also be creative and make a crocodile in different ways.  Perhaps you would like to draw or paint.  You may choose to use bubble wrap to print a scaly crocodile.  A cardboard tube might be a good start for a model crocodile.  I look forward to seeing your creations!


As an alternative, you may want to use the link below to look at a different picture each day.  There are some activities related to the picture each day.

Learning about money


Choose the sorting coins option in the game below.


Year 1


Year 2