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Welcome to the 'Junior Journalist News'  page! 

Here you can keep up to date with all the schools latest news and views. Follow ths link to our official blog:


This blog will enable you to contact us with your own questions, opinions or any requests you may have for our future publications.   So if you have a burning question, a news report/story of your own or just want to say hi, then please get in touch with the news team! 


Over the past few years we have been fortunate to be one of a select number of primary schools nominated to work with the Young Journalist Academy.

Here is some of our work over the past two years.

Some examples of our previous online newspapers.........







Woodhall's Veterans

This film was made in association with John Ginty and the 'War time Woodall project'.

Britain at war

British Film Institute

Our Young Journalst made this film during a visit to the B.F.I. in London.