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Our Teaching Staff

Mrs Haskins is employed as our Additional Needs Leader. She is a highly qualified teacher who works across the school.  


          Mrs Haskins                                                     




We currently have 10 classes in our school, each staffed by a qualified teacher.


 Class 1 - Mrs Ruddock & Mrs Keegan                Class 2 - Mrs Gordon & Mrs Major            Class 3 - Mrs Hunter & Mrs Leggate




    Class 4 - Miss Csiba & Ms Springer                             Class 5 - Miss Robinson                                   Class 6 - Mrs Jackson





        Class 7 - Mr Martin                                                Class 8 Mr Blair                              Class 9 Mrs Martin & Mrs Evans





           Class 10 - Mrs Leeson & Mrs Evans                                                                                            





     Mr Hicklin is a highly qualified teacher who works along side Mrs Martin, Mrs Leeson and Mrs Evans.