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St Andrew's C.E. Primary School

Enriching Lives

A Vision

Our Vision



We believe that every person in our school community should flourish and broaden their horizons. Therefore, it is the element of 'enrichment’ that defines our school; we are a church school that endeavours to provide the widest of opportunities for all.


Within our caring and nurturing environment and guided by our shared Christian values, we aim to ensure that all voices in our school family can be heard and all  are engaged in learning that develops and challenges them, excites their imagination and provides an opportunity to achieve their full potential.


We see everyone and everything as valued in the eyes of God and recognise that all the members of our family are individuals as we work together towards a society of mutual respect, compassion and justice.


Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." ............ JRR Tolkien.



Our Curriculum Rationale


At St Andrew’s, we believe that our curriculum is not simply the learning that takes place in the classroom, it should be seen as the entire learning experience, including both formal and informal learning opportunities, those reflected openly in the curriculum as well as those values and beliefs embedded within the hidden curriculum; the events, routines and enrichment activities that take place outside the classroom. 


Our curriculum fosters and promotes the British Values of Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect, Democracy and the Rule of Law.



Our curriculum in its entirety reflects and build on our Christian values of:

Our Curriculum Aims


St Andrew’s curriculum is structured to allow each one of our learners to:


  • ask questions and seek the answers;
  • have confidence, be unique, feel valued and important;
  • be healthy and enjoy a wide range of sporting activities;
  • become keen to learn and strive to achieve and exceed;
  • care for other people;
  • use their imagination freely and creatively;
  • care for the school and the world in which they live and seek to make it a better place;
  • be able to work and play on their own and with others;
  • explore and challenge their own beliefs and respect other people’s;
  • enjoy music and the arts.


Underpinning our ‘curriculum design’ is our key driver. This shapes our curriculum, brings about the aims and values of our school, and responds to the needs of the school community. Our curriculum driver at St Andrew’s is:

‘Enriching Lives’.

Our Curriculum Design


With the following principles in mind we have designed our curriculum to offer:


  • the ‘cultural capital’ children need to make aspirational choices and experience success throughout their life;
  • the skills, knowledge and concepts that build learning over time;
  • a love of learning;
  • a breadth of learning enrichment;
  • the opportunity to value their own self-worth and empathise with and understand others;
  •  a desire for global citizenship;
  • an appreciation to meet the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the Primary National Curriculum;
  • experiential learning, through provision such as residential visits, extra-curricular sports, arts, music clubs, taking part in music and drama festivals, music lessons in school, Spanish lessons for all year groups, cooking.