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St Andrew's C.E. Primary School

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Meet The Governors



Welcome to the Governors' Section



As an academy the school has four members:


Mr Iain Burnley

Mr Mark Webb

Mr Tim Peacock

A representative from the Diocese of Lincoln


The members are akin to the shareholders of a company.  They have ultimate control over the academy trust, with ability to appoint some of the trustees (Governors) and the right to amend the trust's articles of association.


The Trustees or Governing Body of St. Andrew's C.E. Primary School has three significant roles to play:


• To be strategic

• To act as a critical friend

• To be accountable




Mr John Powe (Chair)nominated by Members
Vacancy pending confirmation

nominated by Members

Mr James Turner

nominated by Members

Mr Richard Ardennominated by Members

Mr David Forman

nominated by Foundation

Vacancynominated by Foundation


ex officio - Vicar

Mrs Helen Fisher-Scott

nominated by Governing Body

Mr James Cooper

nominated by Governing Body

Mrs Ruth Pobjoy

nominated by Parents

Mr James Turner

nominated by Parents

Miss Fiona Clarke

nominated by Parents

Mrs Margaret Forman

nominated by Parents

Mr John Whalley

ex officio - Headteacher

Mrs Elizabeth Jackson

nominated by Staff

Mrs Sinead Wiles

nominated by Staff


All terms are for 4 years unless identified as ex-officio.



Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2022 - 2023



P = present   A = absent


Full Governing Body


NameType21.09.2221.11.22 TRUSTEE MEETING Not all required to attend30.11.2228.02.2324.05.2312.07.23Number of meetings eligible to attendTotal attended
John Powe (Chair)FPPPPPP65
David FormanFP PAPA53
Rev Jospeh Snelling F Ex-OA PA  31
Margaret FormanP   PPP33
Sam WillertonPA AP  31
Ruth PobjoyPP PPPP55
Helen Fisher-ScottGB   PAP32 from 3
Paul Masterman (V Chair)pP APPP54
James LascellesTP PPPA54
James TurnerTP APAP53
Elizabeth JacksonSP APPP54
Sinead CookSSP PPPP55
Stefanie Bartlett-JonesGBP     11
James CooperGBP PAPP54
Richard Arden      P11
John WhalleyHTPPPPPP66
Staff Attending         
Kate MartinDHTA PPPP54
Jayne LeesonAHTP AAPP53
Laura GarnerSBMP PAPP54


Curriculum and Standards Committee


NameType12.10.2207.02.2326.04.2328.06.23Number of meetings eligible to attendTotal attended
James LascellesTPPPA43
John WhalleyHTPPPP44
Joseph SnellingF Ex-oPPA 32
Paul MastermanPPAAP42
Stefanie Bartlett-JonesGBA   10
Ruth PobjoyPPPPP44
Margaret FormanP  PP22
David ForemanFAAPA41
Helen Fisher-ScottP PPA32
John PoweFPPAP43
Elizabeth JacksonSAPPP43
Staff in attendance       
Jayne LeesonAHTPAPP43


Pay Committee


NameType07.11.2216.05.2319.06.23Number of meetings eligible to attendNumber of meetings attended
John WhalleyHTPPP33
John PoweFPPP33
Sam WillertonPA  10
J Cooper (Chair)GBPPP33
Paul MastermanPPAA31
Staff in attendance      
K MartinDHTPPA32


Risk Committee


NameType07.10.2219.06.23Number of meetings eligible to attendNumber of meetings attended
John WhalleyHTPP22
John PoweFPP22
Sam WillertonPP 11
J Cooper (Chair)GBPP22
Staff in attendance     
L GarnerSBMAP21


Resources Committee



NameType03.10.2207.11.2223.01.2316.05.2319.06.23Number of meetings eligible to attendTotal attended
James Cooper (Chair)GBPPPPP55
John WhalleyHTPPPPP55
Sam WillertonPPAA  31
Sinead CookSSPPPPP55
James TurnerTAPPPP54
John PoweFPPAPP54
Staff in attendance        
Kate MartinDHTPPPPA54
Laura GarnerSBMPPPPP55


Articles of Association

Funding Agreement

Memorandum of Association

Scheme of Delegation