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Welcome to the class pages for Nursery.  We use these pages to share news and pictures of our time in Nursery. 


Mrs Gordon, Mrs Poppy, Miss Bradley, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Haskins are all part of our Nursery team. Mrs Poppy and Miss Bradley work together on a Monday and Tuesday, Mrs Gordon and Mrs Poppy work together on a Wednesday and Thursday and Mrs Gordon and Mrs Cooper work together on a Friday. Mrs Haskins comes into Nursery on a Thursday morning to cover Mrs Gordon's planning time and Mrs Gothamee Abbeyrathne and Mrs Webb join us every day over the lunchtime period. 




Please can all children make sure they bring a water bottle into Nursery on the days they attend. (just plain water please) We will send it home with them at the end of the day and will always refill it during the day if required.


It is very helpful if all clothes are named and if spare clothes for your child are available in their bags. Most children prefer their own clothes to change into if they get wet during play.  We value the outdoor environment and spend time outdoors everyday. 


Please send your children with coats, hat and gloves in the cold weather and a sun hat during the warmer months.  Please could we remind parents and carers that children should have sun-cream applied before they come to Nursery in warmer weather.


We offer children an opportunity to borrow a book from our Nursery library to take home and share with their family or carers.  All children will be able to change their book on a weekly basis.


PE will take place on a Friday morning. During this time we are unable to use the school hall for PE lessons and therefore lessons will take place outside.





Term 1


As we start the new school year, we will be looking at 'Our Families' and 'Houses and Homes'.  When we talk and share information about our families, we will be beginning to understand that there are lots of different sorts of families and think about similarities and differences with our friends. We will talk about how we can all be safe and happy in Nursery and create our Nursery Charter together. There will be lots of games and play together so we can all make new friends and enjoy our sessions in Nursery. This will be supported by the picture books we are sharing this term. 


Towards the end of term we will be celebrating harvest, and looking at the story 'The Enormous Turnip' to help us with our learning. 


Some of our activities this term are: 


- Painting family portraits

-Making a family tree

-Constructing homes

-Looking at objects in our homes and discussing their uses


Most of all we will be making new friends and having lots of FUN!