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Tuesday 2.2.21

Just as we look after our physical health (our bodies) by doing things like exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep, we also need to look after our mental health (our minds). One way of caring for our mental health is to notice and share how we are feeling. Expressing ourselves in creative ways can help us to do this.


For today's activity, you will need a piece of paper and some colour pens or pencils. If possible, it would be wonderful if everyone in your house takes the time to do this activity together.


Watch the short video together and complete the task.


Time to think and discuss:
Afterwards, discuss together how even though you were given the same task, you all created very different drawings as we are all unique and can feel differently. Celebrate the effort put in to the piece, rather than the best ‘art’. Have fun!

Draw your feelings

Still image for this video