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10. How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

All children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers use a range of strategies to support the needs of all children in a class.


Use of differentiation – work is pitched at appropriate level for child


Use of different groupings

e.g. mixture of ability and mixed ability – dependent on subject

Using concrete apparatus

e.g. practical resources in maths, magnetic letters for spelling

Use of pre-learning

e.g. sharing key points of the learning prior to the lesson so your child is more prepared

Use of visual aids

e.g. working walls, word mats, displays

Using carefully planned seating arrangements for learning

e.g. positioning on the carpet /at tables; position near an adult

Using ICT to record

e.g. alternatives to writing

Using ICT to support learning

e.g. basic skills apps; maths; phonics; memory games; typing skills

Use of motivators

e.g. rewards, stickers, house points

Use of fidget toys

e.g. to hold attention / aid concentration

Using drama techniques

e.g. using hot seating, freeze framing, forum theatre

Using work stations minimise sensory overload / stimulation

Using activities that are hands on and multi sensory

Using clear verbal instructions and allow time for processing

Using talking partners

e.g. sharing ideas; peer learning

Use of support staff