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Reading at KS2


Once our children have achieved the highest level of the EYFS/KS1 colour banding scheme, they then move on to be come ‘free readers’. These books are located in the school library and grouped into four coloured bands: red, green, blue and orange. The class teacher assesses the appropriate book band colour for each child and children can select any book within the coloured band. Each coloured band has a wide selection of genres and authors. We have a wide range of books in our library for the children to enjoy reading, and we are conscious we keep the library up to date with new books as well as ensuring we retain some of the English classics such as Oliver Twist, Black Beauty or some of the works of Shakespeare.


All pupils are expected to complete home reading supported by their family at least three times each week. Again, in our KS2 weekly planner, parents and carers are asked to initial each day their child reads at home.


Discrete reading lessons cover all aspects of the reading curriculum and these are part of daily life at St. Andrews.  Staff may choose to teach using a  whole class text, group reading or on an individual basis.  In addition to this we believe that reading  is an integral part of every subject at St. Andrews and throughout our curriculum we provide  additional opportunities for reading.  We  also organise termly Library visits for Reception and Key Stage One children  and run an extra curricular book club for those pupils in Key Stage Two. 


At St. Andrew’s, we are dedicated to the teaching and delivery of a high-quality Reading curriculum through well planned and resourced lessons which ensure complete coverage of reading skills and also incorporate carefully chosen texts which provide a range of genres in addition to cross curricular reading.