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Seven Knights Award


 Seven Knights Award


The Governors have introduced a 7 Knights Award scheme to recognise personal achievement and contributions made by individual children across school life and in the community. Our initiative is embedded within the school's Christian values and has been supported and sponsored by various community groups and organisations. 


This scheme is subject to periodic review and may be subject to change based on feedback and observations made.  However, it is intended that the children can build to their Seven Knights Award over their school life at St Andrew’s and hence, gain well deserved recognition for their accomplishments.


Currently, it is planned that awards will made on a termly basis (3 times per year), although submissions may be at any time.


KS1/EYFS children will receive a Seven Knights Certificate as the Governing Body wished to recognise the achievements of the younger children across the breadth of the scheme.



Seven Knights Certificate




Red Knight Green Knight Eagle Knight Dragon Knight Blue Knight Black Knight White Knight



Seven Knights