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Religious Education

The religious education curriculum is taken from Lincolnshire’s 'Agreed Syllabus'. Although Christian based, it also ensures that our pupils gain respect, awareness and understanding of other world religions. There are varied arrangements for daily worship, including class and whole-school assemblies.


All parents/carers have a right to withdraw their child from the school's daily act of worship, and/or religious education. If you want to withdraw your child from these parts of school life please arrange a meeting with the headteacher.

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The Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus for RE 2012 sets out a framework for the planning and delivery of RE. It states


‘Four general key concepts are used as a framework for the understanding of religions within the syllabus. They provide a structure for teachers’ understanding. In the Programmes of Study for the syllabus, the 4 concepts are used to frame questions for each age group. The four key concepts should be referred to, exemplified and built upon at each key stage.


The concepts are:


1. Celebration
2. Religious belief and lifestyle
3. The Sacred
4. Authority’