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Applying For A Secondary School Place



There are different terms used to describe secondary academies and schools:


Types of Secondary School


Comprehensive and Secondary Modern

  • Accept children of all ability.
  • Some have specialisms and select up to 10% of their pupils on the basis of aptitude for a particular subject.



  • Have a non selective and selective stream.
  • For your child to be considered for a place in a selective grammar stream they must take the 11+ selection tests.
  • King Edward VI Academy in Spilsby is the only bilateral school in Lincolnshire.



For your child to be considered for a grammar school (or stream) they must take the 11+ selection tests. Grammar schools aim to select the top 25% of children in Lincolnshire based on academic ability. Therefore your child will need to reach the minimum qualifying standard in the tests. For further information on grammar schools, please contact your preferred grammar school or visit the Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar schools website.

Starting in Year 7


The ‘Lincolnshire School Guide’ and the ‘Going to Secondary School in Lincolnshire’ books are available to download.


Click here to search for schools' OfSTED reports and performance information.


The preferred method for applying for a Year 7 place is online. To make an application, visit Lincolnshire County Council's admissions page.


You can also apply by telephoning our Customer Service Centre on 01522 782030.  Alternatively you can request a paper application using the same number.


You can apply for up to three state schools, in or out of county on your application. We strongly advise you to name three schools on your application as we cannot guarantee a place at your most preferred school. If you do not live in Lincolnshire you must apply through your home local authority.  You can name Lincolnshire schools on this application.  Different rules apply if you are Service Personnel, live abroad or live in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Further information can be found below.


Schools provide useful information on their own website and they also produce a school prospectus.  For further information on schools that are not in Lincolnshire, please visit the website for the school’s Local Authority.


For information on transport:


Primarily children from St Andrew's attend Horncastle Grammar School, Banovallum or Barnes Wallis as these are the closest to Woodhall Spa. On an annual basis between 30% to 40% of our children attend Horncastle Grammar School based on 11+ selection.


For your information, in alphabetical order we have listed secondary schools our children have attended in recent year. For some parents travel arrangements play an important part in their decision.  We would always encourage parents and carers to visit these schools and not rely purely on the information contained in their web sites.