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Welcome to Class 2CR's page. We are a lovely group of Year 3 children who love to learn new things!

Our class teacher is Miss Robinson. Mrs Webb and Mrs Cooper help us with our learning each day.

We are also really lucky to have Spanish lessons with Mrs Lauder every week.


General Information


We are able to change our reading book whenever we have finished reading it. We note down the page numbers we have read and ask an adult from home to sign the relevant part in our reading diaries. Miss Robinson will collect our reading diaries on a Monday morning to check they have been signed. The school expectation is for reading diaries to be signed at least 3 times a week. It is important to bring our book bags to school everyday for letters and other important information.



We are given Maths homework every Tuesday. This work needs to be completed and returned by the following Monday to be marked. Miss Robinson will also send our English homework out on a Thursday. This work needs to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday.



Spellings for each week are in the children's planners. Each week the children should practise at home 4 times, there is space for this in the planner. However, if spellings are completed in another manner (iPads, notebooks etc.) please indicate how many times they have done this and ensure that you sign the spelling page in the planner. Spelling tests will take place on a Friday.



Please have PE kits in school throughout the week. It is also very important that all belongings are clearly named. If children are wearing earrings, ensure that they are able to remove them for PE or provide tape for them to be covered up to meet health and safety recommendations. Long hair should be tied up for PE and tights should be replaced with socks for PE lessons.


Staying healthy:

It is important to bring a water bottle to school every day, filled with fresh water. In addition, children can bring a healthy snack for break time. These snacks should meet the agreed list: fruit, vegetables, cheese or yoghurt.

Term 1

Here's to the start of an exciting year together. In Term 1 we will be looking at the theme of 'Relationships' in our English sessions and will be using: The Tunnel and The Butterfly Lion. Our Science will look at Scientific Enquiry. We will be focusing on Geography this term and finding out all about Earthquakes, Mountains and Volcanoes. In Art we will be using the story 'The Dot' as a stimulus for exploring painting skills such as brush techniques, colour mixing and creating mood. 

Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2, and what a busy term we have planned. This Term Miss Ingham (our student teacher) will begin to teach some sessions. We are spending time looking at farming, food and the digestive system. We've already been very excited about our English and have already started to enjoy finding out about Roald Dahl and his various genres of writing so far.  If you would like more details please read our class newsletter.

Term 2 Newsletter

Term 3

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

This term we will be covering some very exciting things in all our subject areas. In Science we are looking at states of matter and how these can change. Our History takes us back to Anglo-Saxon times where we look forward to finding out about how they lived their lives. In Art we will be focussing on the great artist, Henri Matisse and trying our hardest to create some collages in a similar fashion to his artwork. For more information please read our class newsletter below.