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Enriching Lives

Personal Effectiveness

  • Personal effectiveness


1. Self-improvement (including through constructive self-reflection, seeking and utilising constructive feedback and effective goal-setting)

2. Identifying unhelpful ‘thinking traps’ (e.g. generalisation and stereotyping)

3. Resilience (including self-motivation, perseverance and adaptability)

4. Self-regulation (including promotion of a positive, growth mind-set1 and managing strong emotions and impulses)

5. Recognising and managing peer influence and the need for peer approval, including evaluating perceived social norms

6. Self-organisation (including time management)

7. Strategies for identifying and accessing appropriate help and support

8. Clarifying own values (including reflection on the origins of personal values and beliefs) and re-evaluating values and beliefs in the light of new learning, experiences and evidence

9. Recalling and applying knowledge creatively and in new situations

10. Developing and maintaining a healthy self-concept (including self-confidence, realistic self-image, self-worth, assertiveness, self-advocacy and self-respect)