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Enriching Lives

Interpersonal and Social Effectiveness

  • Interpersonal and social effectiveness


1. Empathy and compassion (including impact on decision-making and behaviour)

2. Respect for others’ right to their own beliefs, values and opinions

3. Discernment in evaluating the arguments and opinions of others (including challenging ‘group think’)

4. Skills for employability, including:


  • Active listening and communication (including assertiveness skills)
  • Team working
  • Negotiation (including flexibility, self-advocacy and compromise within an awareness of personal boundaries)
  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation skills


5. Enterprise skills and attributes (e.g. aspiration, creativity, goal setting, identifying opportunities, taking positive risks)

6. Recognising, evaluating and utilising strategies for managing influence

7. Valuing and respecting diversity

8. Using these skills and attributes to build and maintain healthy relationships of all kinds