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Reading skills are taught across the curriculum but, more specifically, in daily phonics sessions in EYFS and KS1 and guided reading sessions in every class throughout the school. Our job is to introduce children to a range of different strategies to help them make sense of a text. There are four main elements that need to be taught and to use in order to understand a text. Fluent reading involves operating all four elements at once. These include: phonic knowledge; word recognition; grammatical knowledge and knowledge of context.


We encourage children to enjoy a range of different books whilst providing a structure for progression through our reading scheme. Our reading scheme is book banded and includes books from commercial reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Rising Stars and Big Cat. Book banding means that different books from different schemes are grouped in graded bands of difficulty. Children are encouraged to choose their own book from the band that best matches their reading ability. The reading bands are printed below.
Once children become fluent, independent readers they will then choose books to take home from our main library. Fiction titles in our library are also grouped by reading difficulty as follows:

Red:         First free readers
Green:      Independent reader
Blue:         Confident independent reader
Orange:    More challenging reads.