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Enriching Lives


For the more observant of you, you may have noticed work men at the bottom edge of the school field last week.  This has been the next stage in our project.  Phase 1 included clearing away the undergrowth and dead wooding the trees; this was done last summer.  Phase 2 has included the construction of a path and opening up the fence with three pergola surrounded walkways.


As can be seen, we still have some remedial work to complete by opening up the front fence further as well as clearing some brambles from the boundary fencing to the rear.  However, we hope that the area will be fully accessible, although not finished, in the spring when it is dry enough for the children to play on the field.


In Phase 3, with the support of the PTA, we plan to enhance the area itself to include a seating area, resources for reflection and imaginative play.