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It has been confirmed by the Multi Agency County Group that the emergency coordination has now been ended.


Dear Headteacher,


The Multi Agency Group, which issued advice to Headteachers last week, has confirmed that there will be no further emergency coordination.


The situation across Lincolnshire has improved over the weekend and all agencies are reporting that they are returning to "business as usual" conditions. This does not mean that everything is back to normal, and I know some areas still have challenging weather or road conditions. It means that each agency/ organisation is now best placed to inform decision making at a local level.


I have received lots of feedback about how helpful the advice was in supporting decision making. I will make sure I feed this back to the strategic coordinators to inform future planning for similar scenarios.


I hope you can all enjoy returning to normal next week!


Best wishes,


Heather Sandy

Assistant Director

Children's Services

Lincolnshire County Council